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Dara Cameron

Chief Executive Officer

Dara Cameron

Dara leaves no stone unturned when it comes to thinking outside of the box and utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to building strong, successful systems. To stand out in any developing industry, it requires a broad knowledge base of what works and what doesn't, and the ability to analyze "why?"

She is passionate about fostering greatness in herself and all those around her. Her focus is always on individual development through strengthening the teams we are all a part of. Providing support as a standard practice goes a long way towards achieving great things together in a team environment.

Dara's strengths lie in formulating written documentation for businesses, like Employee Handbooks, HR Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, and filing systems, as well as in developing the Leadership Coaching Curriculum program offered by Chiral Consultants.

Chris began his entrepreneurial journey when he started his own tutoring business while studying chemistry and biology in college. Being an educator in the sciences has allowed him to develop an immense reserve of knowledge allowing him to pursue a unique career path, full of answering tough questions, and solving difficult problems.


Always wanting a new challenge, Chris found his way to a small start-up company that was attempting to create renewable fuels from biomass. He synthesized compounds from a patented catalyst as well as helped develop and run a pilot plant model of the laboratory. 


After that, and then a three year stint as a lab technician for a major oil refinery, Chris became the Science Director of a start-up cannabis manufacturing company. While in that role, he provided analysis of lab performance metrics, ran and maintained a supercritical CO2 extractor, performed short-path distillations, and ran ultrasonic emulsifiers.


Diving into the industry as he did, allowed Chris to meet amazing individuals that want to build and work together. Without a doubt, chemistry and building businesses is what has directed Chris's professional career. But, the fascinating chemical composition of cannabis that allows for the creation of such diverse and unique products, while also working with a group of dedicated and educated professionals, is the rewarding combination that keeps him going.

2017- Civilian security tech for the US Government


2018-2019 - HR Coordinator and personnel manager for Uncle Herb's


2020 - Internal Auditor for CannTest


2020 - Logistics Manager at Herban Extracts


2021 - Launching manager of Greenstar Flower Outlet and Gold Star Concentrates

2021-2024 - Systems engineer at Enlighten Extracts and Enlighten Alaska Retail

Christopher Cameron

Chief Science Officer

Chris is a dedicated student of the sciences who only sees problems as curious challenges to be overcome. Applying the scientific method to every aspect of life has led him to hold steadfast in the face of any obstacle and remain diligently focused until a solution is identified.

He is dedicated to teaching, any subject to any age, as he deeply believes that knowledge is power. The greatest joy he gets from helping to educate others is seeing the spark of understanding ignite in someone's eyes as a concept "clicks" for the first time.

Chris's strengths are his ability to multitask at a super-human capacity, as well as his ability to convert even the most complex material into digestible concepts. His hands-on approach to developing a team allows for every corner of a business to be incorporated into a larger, thriving system.

Chris Cameron

2013-2014 - Adjunct Chemistry Professor at University of Alaska - Anchorage


2014-2016 - Chemical Developer at XF Technologies

2016-2019 - Quality Control lab technician with Tesoro


2018-2021 - Scientific Director at Herban Extracts

2021-2024 - Scientific Director at Enlighten Extracts

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